“The World’s Greatest TRPG Company”

Endurant Games

Endurant Games is an independent TRPG company that self-publishes works by Laurel O. Valentine and the Orrery Endurant.

The Orrery Endurant

The Orrery Endurant is a plural system of 5-7 individuals. (Read this page about plurality if that term is unfamiliar to you. We didn’t write the page, but we think it gives a good overview.)

Laurel O. Valentine

Each of us considers ourself a full and complete person. However, for dealing with the “outside world”, we decided to choose one that we use with people (or databases) who just won’t understand who we are. We refer to that person as our “frontwoman”, which makes us sound a little like a rock band.

Laurel’s name was chosen because we think she’s got the prettiest name.

Personal Life

Collectively, we present to the world as a transgender woman. She/her pronouns are fine for day-to-day use, but if you wish to specifically talk about the system, they-plural/them-plural pronouns are most acceptable. We answer to Laurel, Aura, Val, or Valentine.

In the aggregate, we identify as queer and polyamorous, and currently have several partners and partner-systems.